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Why should I submit a guest post? 

Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks to your blog for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes and it is also a great way to build traffic to your blog. Networking is one of the best ways to increase your domain authority, establish expertise in your field, and build SEO.  

So, let’s help each other out and work together! 

Guest Writer Guidelines 

*This is a family-friendly, faith-based website so please keep this in mind when submitting a guest post.  

*I am looking for posts that come from the heart. Please feel free to review posts on this site to get a feel for what I am looking for.  

*I will provide all pictures for the post to make sure they match the feel of my site.  

*You may provide links for up to two other blog posts and up to two social media platforms that you would like featured on your guest post. 

*Please provide me with a short author bio and a picture of you or a logo if you want that included. (A picture is not required though.) 

*I reserve the right to edit any article submitted for grammatical errors, to add SEO keywords, and create headings to break up the text.   

*Word count should be at least 1200 words.  

*All posts must be original works. This means they cannot be posted on any other website or blog. Once your post is published it is considered property of and may not be reproduced anywhere else. Posting to your site after the guest post has already been posted on my site only hurts you because Google sees it as duplicate content.  

*Please send completed submissions in the body of an email to DO NOT send as an attachment. I will not open it and it will be discarded. (The only attachment I will accept is an author photo or logo.) 

*I will review all submissions as soon as possible and will either email you suggested edits or approval. I will also let you know when the post goes live and will provide a link for you to share on your own social media platforms. 

*Once your post has been accepted, please do the following: 

  • Share the post on all your social media accounts.  
  • Share the post with your email list.  
  • Share the post naturally as an external link to another related post on your own site.  

(See the below example from LeeAnn of Kingdom Bloggers

“If you had a blog post on your site about The Power of the Tongue, and somewhere in that post you had a sentence along the lines of “Our words have the power to speak life over our family (or husband, or kids, etc.). And you wrote a guest post for another site that was titled “How to Speak Life Over Your Family (or husband, or kids, etc.) – you would link the words “power to speak life” on your site to the guest post. “ 

-LeeAnn Fox

Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks to your blog, impact new people with your words, and get your message out to the world.  

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you! 

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