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When What You Have to Give Feels Too Small

“There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?”

-John 6:9 NLT

All he had was five loaves and two fish.  

He had heard that the disciples were looking for food. He looked down at his little sack lunch and then looked around at the massive crowd.

He was hungry. And what he had was only enough to feed a few people. Compared to the huge crowd, what he had to offer was so small.  
But his desire to help was stronger than his hunger.

So, he walked over to the disciples and gave them all he had to give. And even though it was a meager offering, Jesus used it to feed over 5,000 men. 
So often, we may think what we have to give is so small.

So insignificant.  
“I only have time to say a quick prayer before rushing to get the kids to school. What can one quick prayer do?” 
“All I have is a few dollars to throw in the offering plate this week. What can such a small amount of money do?” 
And yet we serve a God that is in the business of multiplying. When Jesus was observing the people giving in the temple, it was not the Pharisee who gave much that earned His approval.

It was the widow who gave only two small coins. 

Placed in the hands of an almighty God, our meager offerings become massive blessings.

Because God is not concerned with what we give as much as He is concerned with how we give. 

  • He can take our meager offerings and increase them.
  • He can take our quick prayers and use them to assemble legions of angels.
  • He can take our tired smile and use it to encourage a worn-out and weary soul.
  • He can take our limited funds and multiply it to change the world.  

We don’t worry if what we have to offer is small. God takes every little bit of what we give Him and uses it for the glory of His kingdom.  
Placed in the hands of an almighty God, our meager offerings become massive blessings. 

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