A picture of a book and two quotes. And the words, "Discover the power of a life-changing story. A devotional collection revealing God's faithfulness and transformation. Discover the power fo a life changed by Christ! Available on Amazon. All profits go to Compassion International."

These faith-filled stories will inspire and encourage you to keep going when life is hard. And help you remember that because of Jesus there is always hope. Plus, you’ll get to read my story of how God helped me in a season of suffering with health issues!

In John 10:10 Jesus says He came to give us an abundant life. However, this verse was not a promise that our life would be carefree, comfortable, or painless. What it means is that nothing we go through is wasted. God can redeem all of it for His glory and our good. We just have to learn to trust Him. And to lean on Him even when life is hard.

Because while life with God is not always easy, it is worth it. His never-ending love can carry us through our darkest times. And His amazing grace never gives up on us. ❤

Plus all profits go to Compassion International.

So, not only do you get an amazing devotional . . . but you also get to support a great cause!

Check it out today!

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