Hope for Mondays

Get my monthly devotionals all about real life and walking with God!

I am an everyday sinner trying to grow in my relationship with the One who set me free.

Everything I share in these devotionals is written from my own struggle to live a life of faith with Jesus (while also juggling work, motherhood, and marriage.)

  • I start to pray. Then find myself daydreaming.
  • I read my bible and underline verses on being kind, loving, and patient. And then I get snippy with my husband or yell at my children.
  • I say I trust Jesus but then something difficult happens in my life. And I feel the doubts start creeping in.


But the more I read the bible, the more I see that Jesus loved hanging out with the ordinary, messed up people just like you and me.

He did not pick the super-elite, religious people to be in His inner circle.

Instead, He invited the regular people who were lost in their sins and knew they needed Him. 

hope for mondays1

It is my prayer that through these devotionals we will learn:

  • To find hope and rest in the presence of Jesus.
  • Know deep in our hearts we are loved, adored, and forgiven.
  • And be assured we are never too broken to be used by God. 

So, come join me on this journey by signing up for my monthly devotionals!

We will share a few laughs, cry a few tears, but most importantly we will grow closer to Jesus!

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