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God Comforts Us in the Unknown

By: Meghan Villatoro of Restore Amor, Certified Marriage Coach

A few months ago, I had a baby girl.

As a mom of three boys, having a little girl this time has been a nice change.

Buying pink clothes and finding matching bows and shoes has been so much fun! However, my favorite thing about my baby girl has nothing to do with accessorizing!

Every night when I feed her before bed, my daughter grabs my finger, and we hold hands.

This is one of my absolute favorite things.

When my little girl grabs my finger, it is a moment where all the other distractions are gone, and I can share a special time with her. To me, it is the perfect peaceful ending after the craziness of the day has died down.

For my daughter, it is a reminder that I am there to care for her and comfort her. My hand lets her know that she can drift off to sleep and rest easy because I am with her.

At night when we spend these moments together, I often think ahead to times in the future when I might hold her hand as she grows.

  • I imagine her coming to me after a bad dream and holding her hand to calm her down.
  • I picture her grasping my hand as she nervously approaches the door to her preschool classroom.
  • The day she realizes that girls can be cruel for no real reason I visualize myself taking her hand to soothe her hurt.
  • On her first day of High School, I see us joining hands to pray that her day will go well. –The first time her heart is broken by a boy, I imagine myself holding her hand to let her know that I am there to help her through it.
  • On her wedding day, I envision her father and I holding her hands as we give her to her husband.
  • Maybe one day, I think, I’ll even hold her hand when she is giving birth to her own daughter!
Woman hugging son with text, "God comforts us in the unknown. A devotional."
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These are moments that I imagine us holding hands because they are all the moments in my life that my mom has held my hand! My mother’s hand has helped to hold me up and guide me through some of the most difficult seasons of my life.

Much like my baby girl, just knowing my mom was there for me, brought me so much comfort whenever I was facing an unknown or difficult situation.

There are many passages in the Bible that talk about God being our comforter, but one that really sticks out to me is found in the book of Isaiah. The chapter recounts a prophecy of Isaiah and is pretty intense to read.

However, right in the middle of all the chaos the chapter is speaking about we find this verse:

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…”

-Isaiah 66:13a NIV

God created mothers to nurture and comfort their children, so it is no surprise He uses this example.

Doesn’t it paint a beautiful picture of the way that God loves and cares for His children?

As a daughter, this verse reminds me of all the times that I have turned to my mother for comfort. As a mother, it is a reminder of the way that my little ones now look for that same comfort in me.

Much like a child turns to their parent for reassurance, we can turn to our Heavenly Father for comfort in the trials that we face in our lives.

Woman hugging son with a quote, "Much like a child turns to their parent for reassurance, we can turn to our Heavenly Father for comfort in the trials that we face in our lives."

Knowing that we have a God that we can run to whenever we are worried, afraid, or struggling brings such a feeling of peace.

The world around us seems to be more troubling every day, but even in the midst of it all, we have a Father who is there for us, holding our hand and guiding us through it all.

God tells us in His word that in this world we will have trouble, (John 16:33) but what a comfort to know that even when we face those hardships He is with us. God doesn’t leave us alone in our struggles, all we have to is reach out for His hand.

Just like my little girl, we can rest easy knowing that He is there for us, always.

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Meet the Author: I am M. J. a wife and mother of four young children. I write about Christian Marriage on my blog Restore Amor. I’m a New Yorker at heart, but I have lived in my husband’s native country, El Salvador, for over ten years. When I am not writing, you can find me in the kitchen cooking and baking for my family. Connect with M.J. on FACEBOOK or PINTEREST.

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