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    Wrestling with God: 3 ways to trust God when life is hard.

    “I can breathe,” my son said, “It just kind of feels like a piece of food is stuck in my throat.”  A chill of dread washed over me as I heard my 10-year-old son’s response to the nurse’s question over the phone.    Earlier that day my son had been stung by a bee. And now I was rushing him to the ER because hives had broken out over his whole body. At the ER the Benadryl I had given him earlier began to kick in but when we saw the doctor, she still prescribed my son an Epi-pen. Because, as she warned us, the next time his allergic reaction would most…

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    12 Encouraging Lessons I’ve Learned From God

    Have you ever stepped back and thought about all the lessons God has taught you over the last year?  I was recently challenged to do this and I decided to accept the challenge because I think it is good to sit back and reflect on our journey with God.   Some of these lessons are new to me. Some I am learning more about. And some I have been reminded of. (And will probably need to be reminded of again in the future.)   As you read through these lessons, I hope they will inspire you to come up with your own list of 12 interesting things God has taught you in the past year.  …

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    What to Do When You Are Waiting on God

    God gave Sarah a BIG promise.    After many childless years and many heart-broken tears, God told her through Abraham, He would bless them with a son, and she would be the mother of many nations.   Hearing God’s promise must have made her so happy. But then the months passed by. Then the years. And then the decades.   And somewhere along the way Sarah lost her hope.     One day three men came to visit the couple (many scholars believe these were angels or God himself). And while Sarah was in the tent, she overheard one of them say to Abraham that they would return in a year and she would have a child.    And she laughed.    But…

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    Can We Mess Things Up For God?

    I was reading a blog post the other day where the author was talking about how she would give advice to a friend on the phone, hang up, and think “Wow, that was really good. I should follow my own advice!”   And I thought, “Yeah, me too!”  You see I share bits of inspiration and encouragement on my blog and through social media. And yet I still find myself struggling some days.   I talk about the importance of prayer, and then get distracted while praying. I talk about the importance of spending quiet time with God, and then find myself spending the whole time going over my to-do list for the day.…

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    How to REST in God

    As an introvert, one of the hardest things for me to do is to walk into a crowded room of people I don’t know. When I do, I immediately scan the room desperately searching for a familiar face. If I see someone I know, I relax instantly because I know I am not alone.   In the same way, life is a lot easier when we remember God is with us so we don’t have to face anything alone. But sometimes this truth is easy to forget. Especially when life gets hard. But as we grow in our relationship with Christ. And as we take the time to get to know…