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    4 Steps to Learning How to Forgive Yourself

    I struggled to fall asleep. The thoughts just wouldn’t stop.  As the memories replayed in my head, my cheeks burned with shame. I buried my face into my pillow, but nothing I did could make the guilt fade away.  Most of the time I can live my life without thinking about those awful moments I regret. And yet, every now and then something happens that reminds me of a part of my story I wish I could erase.  Oh, how I would love to rip those pages right out of the book of my life. And yet no matter how much I try to wish them away . . .…

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    5 Amazing Reasons to Live with Eternal Hope

    When my children were younger, we went on a trip as a family and explored some beautiful caves. At one point on our journey, the tour guide told us he was going to shut off the lights so we could experience pure and total darkness.   I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was in for a bit of a shock.   Because I quickly discovered that total darkness is suffocating. It is disorienting. Lonely. Debilitating. And downright frightening.   We were only in the dark for a few short seconds and yet it felt like an eternity. When our guide turned the lights back on, I immediately felt a sense…

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    12 Ways to Find Joy This Christmas

    I have not been in the Christmas spirit.   There.   I admitted it.  Christmas is usually my favorite time of year. But I don’t know. This year it feels different.   I turned on the Christmas music. I decorated. We set up the tree and put lights up outside.   But it felt like I was doing it all out of duty. Out of obligation. Just because this is what we do this time of year.  The joy was definitely lacking.   And I didn’t like feeling this way so I began to wonder:  How can I get in the Christmas spirit?  Because if we are honest, we know that being joyful and feeling festive don’t…

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    Giving Thanks When It Hurts

    Have you ever thought of your thanksgiving being a sacrifice?   Yeah, me neither.  And yet, in the Psalms we read this:  “I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and call on the name of the Lord.” -Psalm 116:17 NLT In this verse, David talks about offering God a sacrifice of thanksgiving. He was honest about the fact that sometimes being grateful is going to cost us.  Thanksgiving as a sacrifice?  In the OT they had to buy grain, flour, or an animal as a sacrifice to pay for their sins. Then they had to take it to the priest to offer it to God.   It wasn’t easy. It cost…

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    Where is God in This?

    My world was caving in around me.   Our savings account had been depleted due to unforeseeable circumstances. Then my chronic illness flared up to the point where I had to cut back on work. So, we were living on pretty much just one salary.  And then the unthinkable happened.    On a trip with my kids while over two hours from our home, my van suddenly began to shake uncontrollably, and then the engine shut off.   It never started again.   I tried to act strong for my kids but inside I was just as much of a wreck as the engine in my van.   I wondered how God could allow this…