White flower growing out of asphalt.

Bloom For Your Creator

It was our first trip to Holy Hill. 

Holy Hill is an old, beautiful church built up on a huge hill overlooking magnificent forests.

You can climb up in one of the steeples to get a breathtaking view or hike on trails throughout the surrounding woods. There are also gorgeous statues and depictions of the life of Jesus all around the campus.  

As we were walking around viewing everything, I noticed one statue carved into a rock. The statue was not what caught my eye, though. 
What caught my eye was a single, yellow flower growing at the top.  

It seemed totally impossible. And yet there it was perched atop the mound of solid rock.

Somehow it had found a way to grow in the most unlikely of places.  

The flower did not care that it has been placed on top of a rock. It did not care that it was all alone.

This flower simply did what it was created to do: it bloomed where God planted it.  

And by doing so this flower brought glory to its Creator. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say that BECAUSE it chose to bloom in the most unlikely of places, it was in a unique position to be SEEN by many. 


I have heard the saying “bloom where you are planted” many times and now I was looking at a living example of that quote.

A living example in a holy place. 

It made me think of the time in the bible when Jesus said, 

If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!”

-Luke 19:40 NLT

Or in this case a single, yellow flower.  

And it got me thinking:

  • What if God has allowed us to be placed in a harsh situation because He knows it puts us in a unique position to be seen by many?  
  • What if He has allowed us to be placed in difficult circumstances because He knows there are hurting souls who need to see the beauty of a heart clinging to Jesus when life is hard? 
  • What if instead of complaining about our fate, we chose to bloom where God planted us? To bring Him glory just by doing whatever He calls us to do wherever He calls us to do it?  

And while that doesn’t make our hard situation any easier, it brings purpose to the pain.

It brings a reason for the difficult season. 
And it brings encouragement to know God can use even our difficult moments for good. To know He can use our faith when life is hard, to inspire hurting souls to seek Jesus and the eternal hope He offers.  

It isn’t easy.

But our places of hardship may be the very places God shines through us for all the world to see. 
The world needs to see your beauty.  So, bloom where God has planted you.

Even if He plants you on a rock. 

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flower growing in cracked asphalt
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