7 Prayers for Hope in Hard Times

My dear friends, I know life can be hard.

I know somedays it feels like your heart is breaking in two. I have laid in my bed, screaming, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!” into my pillow. Because I had no other words to express the anguish of my heart as I sobbed myself to sleep.

I know life can be hard.  

This is why I wrote these prayers.

Because when my heart is breaking, it can be hard to find the words to say. It can be difficult to know how to even get started in my prayer time.

In those difficult moments, I have been blessed by the prayers of others. I have prayed their prayers out loud through my tears. And then used them to declare my own words of faith even in the heartache.

And that is what I pray these 7 prayers will do for you.

They are completely FREE.

Download them. Print them out. Use them to get the words flowing between you and God.

Because in His presence you will find HEALING. You will find PEACE. You will find HOPE.

And yes, you will even find JOY.

“Never stop praying.”

-1 Thessalonians 5:17 NLT
Woman walking on beach with words, "7 Prayers for hope in hard times.
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